Applications are reviewed as they come in - close date 26 April
Please refer to the website if you need more information on the curriculum: https://unreasonableinstitute.org/accelerator/sierra-leone/

Please note: You need to fill out all responses in one sitting, you cannot save your responses to this form. If you want to prepare your answers and come back later to fill out, you can see the questions here: http://bit.ly/2nx2GJY  You can also print the form here for someone that does not have access to internet.
About your business

What is the name of your company? *

Where is your business located?

Please indicate city
When was the company founded?

Specify the sector

Describe your company's main product or service?

Max 100 words
Who is the target customer for your product or service?

Describe the different customer groups you are serving. Keep this description limited to a few sentences.
Is your business generating sales? *

What are your average sales per month (SLL)?

Provide a range if it varies a significantly per month
How many people do you employ?

Enter 0 if your business does not have any employees
Is your business currently registered?

Do you have a company website or social media page?

Please paste the link
About your team

We recommend attending the Business Innovation Lab with 2 team members
How many team members want to attend the Business Innovation Labs?

You can attend the Labs with 2-4 team members
Team Member 1: Name

Team Member 1: Role in the company

Team Member 1: Telephone number

Team Member 1: Email address

Leave blank if not available
Team Member 2: Name

Team Member 2: Role in the company

Team Member 2: Telephone number

Team Member 2: Email address

Leave blank if not available
Team Member 3: Name

Team Member 3: Role in the company

Team Member 3: Telephone number

Team Member 3: Email address

Leave blank if not available
Team Member 4: Name

Team Member 4: Role in the company

Team Member 4: Telephone number

Team Member 4: Email address

Leave blank if not available
About your motivation

Why did you start this business?

Max 200 words
Why are you applying to the Business Innovation Lab? How do you think it will help you help your Business grow?

Max 200 words
What is the vision for your business in the next year?

Max 100 words
Where do you see your business in five years?

Max 100 words
What is currently the biggest obstacle to growing your business?

Support services: accounting/bookkeeping, marketing & advertising, legal services, tax and general management support etc.
Finance: attracting investment, loans, high interest rates 
Market: reaching local and international customers, distribution, market prices, information 
Recruitment: finding talent, HR
Rules and regulations: permits, paperwork
Poor infrastructure: roads, electricity, internet, phone signal 
Low trust and support from peers and partners: little collaboration
Social and political factors: corruption, instability, riots
Economic factors: inflation, exchange rate, foreign currency

How did you hear about the Business Innovation Lab?

Can you attend all days of the complete Business Innovation Lab? It is running over two weekends May 5-7 & May 12-14 from Friday Evening to Sunday afternoon in Freetown.

Thank you for your application. We will start reviewing applications on a rolling basis and will get in contact with you.
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